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Penis Enlargement Tips

men-s-sexual-healthWomen can be horribly cruel. Perhaps your unit isn’t the biggest one on the block but what would that mater, unless some female pointed it out to you somewhere along the line. While good sex is more than tantric sex positions or the size of your member, it’s understandable to feel a little self-conscious if you don’t measure up.





Does it Really Matter?
Its a fact, that for a man it really doesn’t matter physically what size their plumbing is. They all work the same regardless of their size. It’s all the psycho females out there that get their kicks for one reason or another out of large “man organs” that are causing all the problems and anguish for men.




Exercise it in the Shower – Always Wash the Front First
Most of the pills and supplements that you can buy over the Internet just don’t have any effect on the size of your “love gun”. There are however some exercises that are touted as being effective, so you may want to look at them. However; after I read about them it seems to me that you can accomplish the same effect by jumping into he shower and jerking off, which is probably more fun anyway.





An Alternative Approach
One idea, is that rather then sitting at home agonizing over the size of your “tool”, you take a different approach. For instance, there are a large number of male sex elated enhancers that have been proven effective that you can easily use to buff up your “game”.




130314174523-pills-france-story-topClinically Proven Effective
Pills such as Viagra or similar working herbal supplements can have you “kicking in the stall” all night. She won’t have time to worry about size when your pounding the living hell out of her till daybreak! Then wait until she gets a load of any one of the many proven defective semen volume enhancers can do for you! “Stand clear baby… its gonna blow”!!!